Bar Food


Soup of the day (GF) £5.95
Exmouth Mussels (GF) £8.50 Main Course £13.95
Scotch Egg £7.95
Scallops £7.95
Vegetable Lasagne (V) £11.95
Traditional Paella (GF) £14.25
Chicken Burger (GF) £12.95 (add brie or cheddar £1.50)
Halloumi Burger (GF,V) £11.95
The Bankes Arms Original Beef Burger (GF) £12.95 (add cheddar chesse or blue binney £1.50)
Beef Bourguignon £16.95
Lamb Shank £17.95
Rib Eye Steak (GF) (8oz) £17.95
Fish and Hand Cut Chunky Chips £13.75
Traditional Italian Carbonara (GF) £12.50
Shepherds Pie £12.95 (add cheese £1.00)
Beef Lasagne £12.95
Sausage with Sticky onion Gravy and Mash (GF) £10.50
Seafood Linsuine (GF) £16.50
Beef Stroganoff (GF) £13.50
Side Dishes (GF)
Mash Potatoes £2.95
Mixed Vegetables £2.95
Tomato and onion salad £2.95
Hand Cut Chunky Chips £3.25
Spinach with Garlic (or Chilli)
Simple Side Salad £2.95
Kids Menu
Garlic Bread £1.25
Cheesy Garlic Bread £1.50
Dorset sausage and chips £4.25
Bankes Arms Original Beef Burger and Chips £4.95
Bankes Fish and chips
Beef Lasagne £4.95
Spaghetti Bolognese £4.50
Traditional Carbonara £4.50

We also have a selection of Sandwich’s and Wraps,
along with our Specials Board which changes weekly.
All of our homemade desserts are available on the Specials Board.

GF = Gluten Free , V = Vegetarian
We take allergies very seriously. Please ask a member of serving staff if you have any. We will be very happy to assist with any changes.




Opening Hours
Breakfast Lunch and Sandwiches Main Menu
Monday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close
Tuesday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close
Wednesday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close
Thursday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close
Friday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close
Saturday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close
Sunday 8-11am 12-5PM 12-Close